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Architecture in "Play"

To build is primordial, rooted in men through every era.

To "do architecture" is to give importance, meaning and order to a pencil line, springing from our fantasy, thoughtfully and responsibly, aware that this mark will influence people's habits and way of life, everywhere, in every field.

To "do architecture" is to Play.

Play as a founding principle, as a beginning, as the essence of the social, respect of natural and ethical laws that govern human beings, as the essential respect of one's neighbor. Play as passion, as the driving force of every emotion, every art, every conquest. Play as the study of materials and form, in order to understand and represent presence and absence, what is true and what may be true.

Architecture in Play, to preserve enchantment. A child-like, pure spirit, maintaining the responsiblity and relevance necessary to decide "together" how we might relate to the world.

Vincenzo Narda


Born in Rome in 1980, Vincenzo obtained his degree in Architecture with honors in 2005 from "RomaTre" University. He immediately began collaborating with architectural and engineering firms, where he worked on architectural design, construction management, plant design, conservation and restoration, interior design, and industrial design. Over the years he developed an interest and passion for light. He designed and built several lighting projects, including in interior and exterior design, and artistic, monument and street lighting. In 2014 he founded ArchiPlay, a creative space in which he synthesized his own design philosophy and the experience gained throughout the years.

Architectural Design - Projects

  • Progetto e DL, Villa "R" 140 mq - Ciampino (RM) - Committenza privata
  • Progetto, Living appartamento "F" - Roma - Committenza privata
  • Progetto realizzato, appartamento "S" 60 mq - Fregene (RM) - Committenza privata
  • Progetto realizzato, villa a schiera "M" 75 mq - Ostia (RM) - Committenza privata
  • Concorso di idee III classificato, Riqualificazione Piazza del Dazio - Olgiata (RM) - Committente "Rotary Club Olgiata"
  • Progetto, Riqualificazione corte torre uffici - Mosca - con Prof. Arch. Oscar Santilli

Lighting Engineering - Projects

  • Consulenza, Mostra "Come lavorava Caravaggio - GaTE Stazione Termini (RM) - Committenza privata "Martinilight Srl"
  • Consulenza, Cappella borrominiana Palazzo di Propaganda Fide - Roma - Committenza "EmmErre"
  • Consulenza, Palazzo Fiammetta - Roma - Committenza "EmmErre"
  • Consulenza, Appartamento Garbatella - Roma - Committenza "Km0architetti"
  • Consulenza, Facciata Stazione di Cesena - Cesena - Committenza "EmmErre"
  • Consulenza, Piazza Indipendenza - Pomezia (RM) - Committenza "EmmErre"
  • Consulenza, Museo Antica Lavinium - Pomezia (RM) - Committenza "EmmErre"
  • Relatore conferenza, Prevenzione e riduzione dell'inquinamento luminoso - Pomezia (RM) - Con la partecipazione di: Avv. Mario di Sora e RER
  • Stage, Illuminotecnica applicata all'architettura presso "MartiniLight" (MO)
  • Tesi di Laurea, Il piano di luce del centro storico di L'Aquila (AQ) - Relatori: Prof. Arch. Oscar Santilli, Prof. Arch. Francesco Bianchi, Prof. Arch. Paolo Micalizzi


ArchiPlay takes a contemporary approach to architecture, which is in harmony with context, forming the common theme for every project. Whatever the scale, we valorize space, creating movement through the usage of architectural elements (partition walls, dividing walls, mobile walls), which create dynamic points of view, valorizing space, creating glimpses, perspectives, scenic designs both fixed and mobile. These movements create fluid spaces, each one linked to the other, that naturally invite exploration and inhabitation.

ArchiPlay does: Preliminary, conclusive and executive design, construction management, construction and urban practices, restorations, interior design, exhibition stands. Furthermore, we offer every service regarding: appraisals, architectural survey, energy performance certificates, plastic models, 3D rendering.


ArchiPlay offers a wide range of services in the lighting field. We range from interior and exterior design to artistic, monument and even street lighting. Every project is realized in accordance with current regulations and is developed with the assistance of computer programs, rendering and photosimulation through which we can give a realistic preview of the final result. Moreover, ArchiPlay contributes to global efforts towards energy saving. We have made deals with companies, commercial partners and plant design experts, offering a whole service network aimed to improve efficiency by means of energetic assessments and repowering of outdated light sources.


Architectural, lighting engineering and design projects

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